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Chimney Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

It’s imperative to take care of your house’s chimney. Steam Express has years of experience providing Houston, TX homes with professional chimney cleaning services. Your chimney is in charge of making sure the smoke in your fireplace has a safe and clear way to exit your home. Without a properly maintained chimney, the smoke can enter your home, causing damages and putting you and your family at risk. We’re here to help you ensure your chimney is in good, safe working condition by providing annual cleanings, repairs, maintenance, and even replacements if needed. Our team of expert chimney technicians will take care of your home quickly, efficiently, and affordably. If it’s been a while since the last time you’ve lit a fire in your fireplace, call us first. Our services help you stay safe and enjoy your chimney for years to come.

red brick chimney

Why Do I Need to Clean My Chimney?

Every time you use your fireplace, you create combustible by-products, such as soot. These cling to your chimney walls as the fire burns, lining the exit path for the smoke. After years of use, this buildup grows, limiting the space and ease for the smoke to escape. It is also combustible, so the longer you wait to clean your chimney, the more risk you are for a dangerous fire. Embers can come into contact with the soot buildup, creating a fire where it shouldn’t be. One of the leading causes of house fires from fireplaces is negligence in maintaining chimneys. Our chimney cleaning services thoroughly remove the buildup, maintaining a clean and safe fireplace. We clean the chimney, flue lining, and remove dangerous soot deposits and any blockages. You’ll feel safe and confident using your fireplace no matter what season.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

Making sure your chimney is in proper condition is also important for your home’s safety. Harsh weather and too much rainwater can cause cracks in your chimney, lowering its structural integrity. At the first sign of damage, it’s important to give us a call. If we catch it early, it may only be a simple repair. If left untreated for too long, you may require a full replacement. No matter what your chimney requires, we’re more than capable of taking care of your needs. Contact us today for professional chimney repairs and replacements.

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