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Frequently Asked Questions

We now use 100% organic green products!

When I fill out the online request, how quickly can I get an appointment?

The day after you submit your request.

What are the costs for your services?

Call our toll free number 832-251-9193 and a representative will assist you with any questions you may have about the services you require.

What method of carpet cleaning do you use?

We use steam cleaning and deep cleaning. With steam cleaning, it is a more basic cleaning. Deep cleaning is more thorough.

What is steam cleaning?

It is a basic steaming done with soap and steam. The water used is 200-degrees and the carpet is cleaned with soap and steam.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning consists of three things: a pre-conditioning treatment, stain remover treatment and a deodorizer. First, the pre-conditioning is applied to soften the carpet fibers, then the stain remover is applied together with the deodorizer – a two-step process.

How much time does it take to dry my carpet?

For proper drying, depending on the area of each room, we recommend that you keep on your air conditioner on high for at least a few hours in the summertime and the winter time or open all your windows for a few hours.

How about the backing on the carpet? Does it dry that too?

Following our recommendations as above, yes.

How about stains and smells? When do they go away?

If your carpet is properly dried according to our recommendations above, there should be no smells hanging in the air. Proper ventilation is recommended at all times. Remember: smells from smoking, cooking, etc. could all be retained in your drapes, furniture and carpet if you don’t have proper ventilation and an efficient air system.

Do you recommend the same drying system for furniture cleaning?


Do I have to remove all my furniture? Will they help with moving my furniture?

Our technicians will assist with moving small and objects that are not too heavy. However, we recommend that all heavy furniture, such as beds and dressers, tables, chairs, couches, etc. to be moved prior to our staff arriving as this could delay in the cleaning process.

How can I protect the carpet from furniture marks and rust marks once it dries?

We recommend that all furniture legs, especially the ones with metal tips, be placed on foil or covered with a material that will not mark the carpet.

How long can I expect my carpet to retain clean and sanitary?

After we steam clean your carpet, the longevity of its new condition depends on you and your family. We recommend that everyone in your household wear indoor shoes/socks only. The more everyone takes care in protecting the carpet by not using shoes with grease, mud, crayons, animals or outside dirt, the longer your carpet will retain its cleanliness and fresh smell.

I always use air purifiers. Why do I need duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning is different from air purifiers because air purifiers are only for the direct room you have it in use and is limited as to the area it covers. Duct cleaning is the cleaning of all the ducts in your home and also the main unit from where the air is circulated – it is not limited the way your air purifier is. It reaches every room in which you have ducts, plus we guarantee this will last for approximately two (2) years providing it is constantly maintained with changes to the filters.

How does the technician do the air duct cleaning?

He first removes the supply vent covers, inserts a 50′ flexible hose with a special brush head. He then proceeds to open, brush and vacuum each vent all the way to the main unit. Then he vacuums all the dust and debris from the vents, making sure none of the dust returns inside the house. The dirt is sucked up into the water-filled vacuum.

Do you guarantee all air duct services?

Yes. Our guarantee covers all work done in your home by our technicians on your duct system.

If I am not totally satisfied, who can I contact?

You may call our customer service number 832-251-9193 and speak with a representative who will assist you.

If I am not completely satisfied with your work or work ethics, who can I speak with?

You can call our Customer Service number and an agent will take your call and your complaint. We will send out a technician to redo the work originally performed within 24 hours of your call or you may make a formal complaint and we will reply as soon as possible and make all arrangements to your satisfaction.

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