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Steam Express has restored and health and pride to homes across Texas since 1999. We are specialists in all types of home cleaning ranging from air duct cleaning to upholstery. We provide the best prices and most reliable services when it comes to cleaning your upholstery, carpets, rugs and and anything to do with air ducts and HVAC systems in houses across Houston and Austin.


At Steam Express, we want to do more than just complete air duct cleaning services for you. We also want to do it in a way that is safe for the environment, which is why we offer green air duct cleaning in Houston for those looking to improve the indoor air quality in their homes.

All of the products that our Steam Express technicians use are 100 percent organic and green. We register the chemicals that we employ with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that they are safe and effective when it comes to preventing microbial growth inside of air ducts. We use the Rotobrush aiR+ air duct cleaning system to get rid of dust, dirt, and other pollutants inside of air ducts, and we are constantly on the hunt for new products that help us do our job better. We can also recommend professional carpet cleaning services and other techniques that will reduce air contamination in your home. When you trust Steam Express to clean your air ducts for you, we will do everything in our power to leave them spotless.