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Spring cleaning helps us prepare for the busy seasons of spring and summer by freshening up our homes.

  1. Cleaning Room-by-Room
  2. Organize and declutter
  3. Involve the family

Cleaning Room-by-Room

Most people start their cleaning with the bathrooms and master bedroom. That’s a big mistake. Don’t waste time on these rooms if you’re doing an overall cleaning of your home; they are not as dirty as other rooms, such as the kitchen and family room. To do a quick-and-easy cleanup of both areas, go through each room and get rid of any clutter you can find.

Organize and declutter

Organize and declutter your closet with the help of this eight-piece set. The sturdy canvas bags feature handles for easy carrying and are designed to neatly store all your garments. Plus, the bold graphic prints are an excellent match for any room. The set comes with four small and four large bags, so you can easily group together all of your apparel based on size. Keep them stacked in your closet or hang them from a rod and keep everything hanging neatly.

Involve your family for cleaning

Involve your family in cleaning carpets. Everyone, including children and pets, can help. Use cleaning solutions that do not contain chemical ingredients known to be harmful to people or pets. Be sure to read the labels! Beware of household cleaning products. Keep any products in their original containers, tightly sealed, and out of reach of children. If a chemical product gets on your skin or clothing, remove the affected clothing immediately and wash it before reusing.

Contact Steam Express for professional home cleaning services in Houston at an affordable price that can save you money and promote a healthy lifestyle. We will meet with you after scheduling an appointment to analyze your home or business property, and determine what services are needed. Our same-day services are available. For more details, contact us today!