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You may be looking for a new home. Whether it’s because your current home is too small to accommodate your growing family or because the kids have moved out, you’ve decided to get a new one. You can make the most significant investment of your life by buying a new home, as we all know. Home inspectors are becoming increasingly popular with future homeowners.

As well as the electrical and plumbing systems, a certified home inspector will examine the foundation and structure. Normally, he or she can provide a preliminary inspection of the chimney and venting system, but that’s all they are qualified for, and they aren’t typically certified chimney professionals who are trained to determine if there are problems and how to correct them.

It is not that I dislike home inspectors; I think they do an excellent job. One of my closest friends is an inspector. Home inspectors, however, are not required to examine fireplaces and chimneys as thoroughly as other parts of the house.

Steam Express chimney cleaning Houston technicians are qualified to perform all three levels of chimney inspections:

‚ÄčLevel 1

Appliances or venting systems that have not changed and continue to be used in the same manner are subject to the procedure. In addition to inspecting the readily accessible areas of the chimney exterior and interior and the chimney connection, the technician will check the basic appliance installation, connections, creosote buildup, and any other obstructions that may be present during the chimney service.

Level 2

Level 2 inspections are performed whenever changes are made to the system, such as changing the fuel or changing the flue material (i.e. relining), or replacing or adding an appliance. As part of the process of transferring or selling a property or when the chimney is damaged by an event such as a chimney fire, a Level 2 inspection is required.

Level 3

Level 3 inspections are recommended if any hidden issues or hazards are found during Level 1 or Level 2 inspections, as they are more thorough and examine the chimney structure and flue in greater detail. Level 2 inspections do not require the removal or destruction of permanent parts of the chimney or building structure. The crown or interior walls of the chimney are usually removed in order to determine what needs to be done.

If you want a professional job, hire a professional chimney repair and replacement Houston company. A certified chimney professional will inspect your fireplace and chimney if there are any issues. Let us keep you warm and safe! Count on Steam Express for Houston chimney repairs and replacements.