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You may plan to get your chimney cleaned, but keep forgetting to do it. Cleaning your chimney has many benefits, including fire safety and more efficient heating, but it is also better for your health. Here are some reasons.

Mold, dust, and allergens

It’s likely that your chimney’s interior is full of allergens, dust, and possibly mold even if it was capped immediately after the cold months. Dust particles that land on the inside of your chimney adversely affect the indoor air quality of your home. Dusting a piece of furniture after just a few weeks accumulates a lot of dust!

The inside of chimneys can also be infested with mold. This is because mold can grow and spread very quickly after being exposed to dampness or moisture. Molds can be hazardous to your health, especially your lungs, depending on whether they are harmless or harmful.

Insects & Spiders

It is easier for insects and spiders to hide in dark places like basements, attics, and chimneys that are less clean. Insects and spiders are generally not harmful, but there are some that may bite you and seriously injure you.

Cleaner Fire

A blocked chimney can cause you to breathe excess carbon monoxide, which is very dangerous to your health. It is also possible to breathe creosote if your chimney is not cleaned regularly. After wood is burned, creosote is left behind. In addition to being mostly tar, it can also be quite harmful to your lungs and health when consistently inhaled. Several types of cancer have been linked to long-term exposure.

As soon as you light the first log in your chimney after it has been cleaned, you can be sure the air that is coming out of it is not contaminated.

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