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It’s never fun to have a spill on your carpet, but with Steam Express, it can be cleaned before the stain becomes permanent.

To properly remove spills, follow these steps:

  • For specific spills, you should use a professional carpet cleaning solution
  • Put a spot test to the test. Put some of the cleaning solutions on a clean cloth, and use it to clean the closet, for instance
  • Using the spot test, you can determine if the carpet color was not affected by the solution.

For spills caused by carpet cleaning, here are some first aid tips

Stains from coffee

Blotting: Blot the stained area with a white cloth until it dries. Two pieces of dry cloth are needed. As soon as you spilled a beverage, you should change your cloth. The second thing you must do is move inward so that the spill doesn’t spread.

Home-made solution: Prepare a solution of water, vinegar, and a detergent that is non-bleach. Apply the mixture to the stain, rinse, and repeat as needed. You can try the next method if this one does not work.

Commercial solution: For coffee stains on the carpet, look for a solution designed specifically for the problem. Be careful when using the solution.

Ink Stains

Ink stains can be categorized as follows:

Blotting: An ink stain is initially treated with a cloth. The cloth should never be scrubbed or rubbed. If you do so, the ink will spread and it will be harder to clean.

Home-made solution:

Start on the outermost area of the stain and go inwards using Isopropyl alcohol on a dampened white cloth. Use Isopropyl solution with a high concentration for best results. Furthermore, nail polish, hairspray, vinegar, and white wine are also alcohol-based agents. Remove any remaining moisture by rinsing with water and vacuuming the stained area.

Commercial solution: You must purchase a chemical-based stain removal solution, read the directions, and apply it as directed.

Blood Stains


It’s different to clean bloodstains. To remove stains faster, you should liberally soak the affected area rather than spraying just enough liquid on it.

Home-made solution: Spray the stained area with cold water and an anti-grease detergent. Wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Repeat as needed.

If you are searching for an experienced carpet cleaning service but are overwhelmed by the number of options, you’re now at the right place here! Steam Express’s professional staff will help you appreciate the value of our carpet cleaning process once you speak with them. To help you make an informed decision, we will thoroughly explain every procedure we offer to you along with its associated benefits.

Contact Steam Express for a wide range of carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services in Houston.

  • Disinfectant and Sanitizer Treatment
  • Tough Stain Removal Treatments
  • Advanced Pet Odor Removal Treatment
  • Heavy Traffic Area Treatment
  • Carpet Teflon Protector
  • Preconditioning Treatment
  • Deodorizer

One of the things that make Steam Express so unique is our carpet cleaning process. Pre-spraying the carpet begins with a natural, hypo-allergenic solution. By using this pre-spray, dirt in the carpet is broken down. We then use a deep-cleaning solution, heated water at 200 degrees, and high-powered suction equipment to remove even the most deeply embedded dirt and 95% of the moisture. Green products are our only option!

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