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If you’re looking to have the work of chimney repair and replacement in Houston done on your existing chimney, you should consider overhauling it completely. You might want to consider switching from a wood stove to a fireplace if you’ve had one before. Perhaps a wood stove would be more suitable if your setup has been a fireplace. Consider these factors:

Heating Efficiency: 

Fireplaces are no match for wood stoves when it comes to throwing heat and getting a room (or house) warm. Heat is lost through the chimney in a fireplace. A wood stove’s firebox and stove pipe absorb and radiate heat. With modern wood stoves, a catalytic combustor can improve efficiency even more. Adding combustors makes fireplaces more efficient as well. When compared to wood stoves, even the most efficient fireplace will struggle.


Fireplaces excel in this area. You can’t beat a fireplace’s warm glow to light up a room. All the senses are stimulated by the warmth and light, the crackle of wood, and the natural appeal of stone or brick. You may want to consider a fireplace if you enjoy the image of family and friends socializing around a lively fire.


Stoves and fireplaces have different prices, which makes things a bit complicated. A wood stove can be installed in front of an existing fireplace if you already have a fireplace and want to convert it to a stove. This method is typically more expensive. Prefabricated fireplaces may be less expensive, but there is still work to be done before a fireplace can be installed. Any custom-made fireplace will cost much more. There is a great deal of variation in price between wood stoves and fireplaces.

Your heating setup can be reevaluated when your chimney is in need of restoration. You may consider a wood stove or fireplace or professional chimney cleaning service in Houston. Although you may have been using one, you can change to another at any time. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss what would be best for your specific wood burning needs and wants.