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The chimney in your home needs to be maintained. It is your chimney’s responsibility to ensure that the smoke in your fireplace has a safe and clean way to exit. The smoke can cause damage to your home and pose a risk to you and your family without a properly maintained chimney.

By providing annual cleanings, repairs, maintenance, and even replacements if necessary, we at Steam Express help you ensure that your chimney is working in a good, safe condition. Your chimney will be repaired quickly, efficiently, and affordably by our expert team of chimney technicians. We can help if you haven’t lit your fireplace for a while. Using our services will ensure your chimney remains safe and long-lasting.

Following are three key reasons that will help you better understand the importance of professional chimney sweeps.

#1: Taking care of hazards and pests

An advantage of hiring a professional chimney cleaner as opposed to doing the job yourself is that they can remove obstructions and pests much more effectively. When you attempt to clear yourself an obstructed chimney, you may put yourself and your home at risk.

The burning of obstructions or the smoking of animals is one of the methods some homeowners use to clear their yard. Despite its ease of use, this method is more likely to start a house fire or cause you to breathe harmful carbon monoxide than it is to effectively clear your flue.

If your chimney is clogged by debris, an animal, or creosote build-up, don’t try to remove it by yourself. So that your health and your home are not endangered, you should hire an experienced chimney sweep.

#2: Preventing Fires

When homeowners attempt to clear chimneys themselves, it can result in damaging fires. In particular, if your chimney contains creosote build-up, this is true. The dark, tar-like substance creosote is the result of wood burning. Unseasoned or softwoods produce the most creosote, and monitoring its accumulation is crucial to preventing fires.

Even a stray spark or high temperature can ignite creosote build-up, which is the main cause of chimney fires. The fires caused by creosote can burn for long periods and can be extremely hot based on how much creosote has built up before ignition. While the structural damage to the chimney area may not cause damage to other parts of your home, it can still be expensive and time-consuming to repair.

You can buy products at stores that are designed to help mitigate creosote build-up; however, these shouldn’t be substituted for professional cleaning. Once creosote has built up, it can be challenging to remove without the use of professional tools. When it comes to removing dangerous creosote from your chimney, hiring a professional is the best option.

#3: Improving Efficiency

Maintaining your fireplace regularly will also help make it more energy-efficient, both in terms of heating and for the environment. In the winter, your furnace may need to be used less if you allow your fire to burn more efficiently. In a similar fashion, efficient fires emit less smoke and less harmful emissions, therefore improving the environment.

A professionally cleaned chimney and fireplace can help your fires burn more efficiently and eliminate problems while you use them. A clean fireplace is something that you should never overlook if you rely on it during the colder months.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

Maintaining the condition of your chimney is also important for the safety of your home. During harsh weather and heavy rains, your chimney’s structural integrity can be compromised. As soon as you notice any damage, call us right away. We may be able to quickly fix it. Without treatment, you might need a full replacement if left untreated for too long. Whatever your chimney needs, we are able to handle it. Get in touch with us today for professional chimney repair and replacement services in Houston.