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There is no doubt that furniture often takes quite a beating. The item is likely to be used every day and, if there are children or pets in the home, it might become worn out or dirty quickly. Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to keep your upholstery clean and in good shape, and eventually, you will need to consider hiring professional upholstery cleaning services. A service like this may be worth the time and money spent, but we have included a few tips below so that you are aware of when a service like this is needed.

Stains you can’t remove yourself:

There may be a time when you should hire a professional if all your DIY attempts have failed to remove the stains. It’s best to leave it to the professionals if you’re worried about damaging your furniture. Upholstery is usually made with special fabrics that don’t respond well to ordinary cleaners, so specialized solutions must be applied. With the right cleaners and the expertise to use them, our technicians will often be able to remove stains, no matter what kind of fabric you have.

Not having the right tools:

Professional upholstery cleaners have special tools that can get into the smallest crevices of your furniture in order to clean them. The cost of some of these tools isn’t worth the investment for a homeowner, simply because they aren’t used frequently, so they are not cost-effective in the long run. In this case, hiring a professional for upholstery cleaning would be much more reasonable.

Fast results are needed:

Do you have a to-do list that never ends? Let someone else handle this. You can hire a cleaning company to bring your furniture back to life, no matter where it is. Most of the time, they will not need to take the piece to a different location for cleaning unless the fabric is extremely rare or unusual. You just need to schedule an appointment, show them the furniture that needs work and let them handle all the dirty work. With a few clicks, you have it done and you haven’t even touched a button!

If you want your furniture to be clean and free of odors, stains, or other damage, it is well worth spending the money on professional upholstery cleaning! Reach out to Steam Express today for upholstery cleaning services!