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Tile is more popular than ever.

What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of tiles over the years? Simply put, they are both beautiful and practical. Tile can add style, sophistication, and a sense of warmth to any room if installed and maintained properly.

Tile and grout require care to enjoy them year after year–more than most people realize.

It may prove too much for the unprepared homeowner to be able to regularly clean and maintain the tile depending on where it is in their home, how much wear it receives, and how often they care for it.

The good news is that professional tile and grout services are easily accessible throughout cities and towns large and small to help clean, restore, and protect tile and grout surfaces so they last for a long time.

Here are four reasons why you should obtain the same results through the professionals rather than attempting it yourself.

1: Don’t work too hard to hurt your back or wallet¬†

When you don’t know how to clean your tile and grout properly, you’ll have a hard time keeping it clean. When you go it alone, most homeowners work really hard to accomplish very little in comparison to what pros can do with the right tools and training.

The truth is, store-bought tile and grout cleaning Houston products may claim to clean tile and grout, but in reality, grout lines are extremely difficult to thoroughly clean without specialized cleaners and equipment that aren’t available to the average homeowner.

2: Professional maintenance prolongs tile and grout life 

You may think doing it yourself will save you some money at first, but you may end up with some costly restoration or replacement projects if your cleaning techniques don’t go far enough.

At first, combining different household cleaners might seem to work, but it might actually damage your surfaces. Services to clean tile and grout surfaces use products designed to remove hard-to-treat stains with minimal damage.

3: Only the safest products are used to clean tiles and grout

Furthermore, professional grout and tile cleaners ensure that their products won’t harm people by using tools and cleaning solutions that won’t damage tile surfaces or erode grout.

Many homeowners attempt to remove tough stains and restore the shine of their tile with a cocktail of cleaners and solvents. When acids and bleach are combined, they can be a huge hazard, especially on surfaces not intended for them.

To treat grout and tile, professionals use proprietary products created without harsh chemicals or acids that can harm you and your home.

Tile and grout cleaning is one of the most important aspects of professional tile and grout cleaning provided by Steam Express. Let our professionals handle your next project of tile and grout cleaning in Houston so you can enjoy your tile and grout for many years to come.