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When was the last time your chimney was cleaned and inspected? You should schedule an inspection as soon as possible if it has been more than a year since this job was last done!

Those who enjoy home improvement projects might be pondering whether or not to just inspect their chimneys themselves instead of hiring (and paying) someone to do it. Sweeping a chimney is not the same as sweeping a kitchen floor.

When you need a professional chimney cleaning Houston, consider these three reasons:

The right tools for the job will be available to a professional.

It can be very dirty to clean a chimney. The fact that a chimney is used for cooking should not surprise anyone who knows what it is! We all would like to keep our clothes, carpeting, and living room furniture free of the soot, ash, and creosote that builds up inside our chimneys. In order to keep the mess to a bare minimum, chimney sweeps are typically armed with special equipment (like industrial vacuums and protective gear). Get rid of the filth, and not just relocate it!

Professionals can detect issues amateurs tend to overlook.

Have you ever cleaned your own chimney and felt confident that you could spot, diagnose and fix any problems? You probably won’t know the answer to that question unless you are a contractor or chimney sweep yourself. Equipment and tools are one thing, but technical know-how is another. A professional sweep’s expertise is part of what you pay for when you pay for chimney cleaning.

In addition to cleaning away grime and debris, a professionally trained and licensed chimney sweep will be able to spot small issues with your fireplace and chimney’s inner structures. The smallest problems with these systems (including cracked brickwork, a damaged liner or loose flashing) can turn into major ones if they’re not addressed quickly and correctly, so catching them early can save you some money down the road.

Insurance is a necessity for professionals.

It is generally much more dangerous to clean a chimney than to clean a kitchen or bathroom. As part of a thorough cleaning, not only does the sweep usually climb onto the roof of the house, but also must handle flammable and potentially carcinogenic substances, such as creosote. Any home improvement project involves some risk, and chimney sweeping is no exception. Despite the fact that the job is extremely likely to run smoothly, it is also possible for damage to your property, or even worse, for someone to be injured while working. Fortunately, a reputable chimney inspection company will carry liability insurance to protect against any cleaning-related accidents. This means if disaster strikes, you will not have to foot the bill.

It isn’t unheard of for unscrupulous firms to misrepresent their insurance coverage and not all chimney inspection companies have insurance. Ask for proof of insurance before letting a sweep near your chimney in any way. The company with insurance will be happy to provide documentation upon request, and the company that’s reluctant to do so is probably not worth hiring anyway.

Why Choose Steam Express for Chimney Cleaning Services in Houston?

  • An all-new fleet of trucks mounted on trailers
  • Cleaning products that are 100% organic
  • Clean your home with green products and equipment
  • Estimates are provided free of charge in-house
  • Experience of 20 Years
  • Certified by NADCA
  • Owned and insured locally
  • Same-day service available

Whatever your chimney needs, Steam Express is here to help. Reach out to us today for professional chimney repair and replacement services.