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Most homeowners and business owners don’t have access to commercial equipment and tools that carpet cleaners have. The homeowner or business owner would have to know how to use the equipment and have the funding to purchase and maintain it.

As part of our carpet deep cleaning services, we at Steam Express use professional carpet cleaning equipment with UV lights to detect pet odors and deep-seated stains and a system of hot water extraction/heavy steam for a thorough deep clean.

If you choose to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, you can rest assured that they are fully qualified to deal with specific circumstances, such as water damage, difficult stains, and materials that require special attention.

What is the process of heavy steam cleaning and spot removal? Hot-water extraction is a type of carpet cleaning that can accomplish a much more thorough job than a surface cleaning device. The process does not use steam or vapor; rather, hot water is pumped through a hose to remove dirt and dust at the deepest level of the carpet.

At Steam Express, we use an eco-friendly deep cleaning procedure that uses a natural carpet deodorizer, steam cleaning, and a solution that loosens up stains, dirt, dust mites, pet odors, and other common odors in carpets. In addition, the solution might be agitated with a brush to enhance its effectiveness.

A wide range of carpet cleaning treatments:

  • Disinfectant and Sanitizer Treatment
  • Tough Stain Removal Treatments
  • Advanced Pet Odor Removal Treatment
  • Heavy Traffic Area Treatment
  • Carpet Teflon Protector
  • Preconditioning Treatment
  • Deodorizer

Part of what makes Steam Express so unique is our carpet cleaning process. We first apply an all-natural, hypoallergenic pre-spray to the carpet. As a result of this pre-spray, dirt in the carpet is more easily broken down. Next, we use a deep-cleaning solution, hot water heated to 200 degrees, and high-powered suction equipment to remove even the most deeply embedded dirt and 95% of the moisture. Organic green cleaning products are the only ones we use!

Steam Express is a highly rated, highly ethical company that prides itself on its integrity. Our carpet deep cleaning service in Houston comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.