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During the chilly winter nights, you enjoyed many cozy fires in your fireplace. Now that it’s getting nicer outside, it’s time to get rid of that soot and ash in your chimney. Most people think they can just burn a self-cleaning log and move on, but that’s just not true. Hire a pro to clean your chimney. Because Steam Express makes chimney cleaning easy and hassle-free, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards when you light a log.

What are the benefits of having my chimney cleaned?

By having your chimney swept regularly, you can detect any damage, creosote, or cracks that may exist before next time you use it. In addition to cleaning the flue, you should also check and clean the cap for any leaves, twigs, or animal nests that might obstruct proper airflow.

What is the optimal frequency of cleanings?

At least once a year, you should clean your chimney. It depends how often you use it. Get your chimney swept if it’s been a year or more since you last did it. You could end up with expensive repairs or worse: damage to your house.

Which kind of wood is best for burning?

Creosote builds up faster when pine wood is burned, so you should avoid using it. Avoid heavy soot deposits in your chimney by using oak, maple, ash, or birch. You don’t want damp logs that cause a lot of smoldering and smoke, so keep your wood dry and cool.

Steam Express’ safety is our number one concern, so when homeowners ask for chimney cleaning in Houston, they highly recommend us. As a team of licensed and qualified inspectors, we only use the best tools. For more information about our chimney inspections, cleaning, and repairs, contact us today.