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As fall turns to winter and Houston gets colder, you’ll probably start using the heat more. You might notice some air duct problems while you’re working on your HVAC system.

You might notice you have more dust around your home, you might not be able to get rid of a musty smell, or you might have some strange allergies in your family. Check your air ducts if any of these signs occur.

Therefore, the question arises: should you hire a professional air duct cleaning service, or do you have the ability to do it yourself? Even though you might think doing it yourself is faster, hiring a professional is more efficient. You should hire a trained air duct cleaner over cleaning your ducts yourself for many reasons.

01: Using the Right Tools

The vent openings and filter areas are easy to access when cleaning your air ducts. What happens if debris gathers in your ducts, or if mold starts growing in them?

Professional HVAC cleaning companies are the ones to contact in these situations. They should have certifications and be reputable. In other words, they have undergone training and received certification to work on the HVAC system in your home.

Professional air duct cleaners also possess the necessary tools for properly cleaning your ductwork. The team would have access to powerful and portable vacuums to access any part of your ductwork. Dust and mold can’t stand a chance against these tools when they’re in the right hands.

02: Catch problems early

Using a certified air vent cleaning company means you are partnering with a team trained to take care of the safety and well-being of your system. Thus, these technicians aren’t just interested in cleaning your HVAC system, but also in preventing any future issues.

Trained air duct cleaning services professionals are dedicated to ensuring their clients’ comfort and safety. Since air duct cleaners are handymen, they are also on the lookout for possible problems. Here are some examples:

  • Dust and debris accumulate
  • Mold can grow in damp areas
  • Reduced efficiency due to duct punctures
  • Other factors contribute to lower efficiency

During duct cleaning, a company trained in air duct cleaning can find these signs using their knowledge and tools. Once they find these signs, they can discuss the best way to address the issue. Choosing a cleaning service is more than just hiring a cleaning service, you are collaborating with your home’s air quality.

03: Complete the assignment

Your ducts may seem clean simply because you change your air filters and dust around the vents. This is not the case.

Your HVAC system can only be cleaned to a small extent if you try to do it yourself. You can think of your ventilation system’s vent openings as the legs and arms. The rest of the duct network is hidden behind walls and under floors.

Despite your best efforts, you’re still missing the spots where mold and debris actually grow. Your only option is to remove your walls and dismantle your skeleton in order to reach your entire network of air ducts. In addition, you’ll lose every part of your cooling and heating system, including the coils and drain pan.

A professional air vent cleaning company guarantees a job is done completely when they are working with you. Your HVAC system will be cleaned by these skilled technicians so that you won’t have any more problems in the future.

How Do You Get Started?

It’s understandable if you have concerns about hiring an air duct cleaning company now that you know how important it is. Which company has a good reputation for cleaning air ducts?

The good news is, you’re looking at one already! Steam Express specializes in deep air duct cleaning services in Houston for residential and commercial buildings. Air duct cleaning is an involved process that our accredited technicians take step by step with you.

For air duct cleaning in Houston that you can trust, contact Steam Express.