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The chimney is a daily used product for people in this world. But often we took this product for granted. We think it is a worry-free part of the house. Thus we often neglect the signs when the chimney needs to be repaired or replaced. If you want to repair or replace your chimney you can always choose chimney repair and replacement Houston. Now let’s look at the obvious signs that a chimney may be damaged.

● White staining
The white discoloration is often known as efflorescence. It is a clear indication of excess moisture in the Mansory. If it is not taken care of at the proper time, other potential problems related to the moisture.

● Rust
It is a major problem in your chimney. Rust is a clear sign that your chimney has excess moisture. If there is a visible sign of rusting there could be the possibility of cracked flue tiles. Chimney cleaning services Houston will use a special camera to inspect the flue lining. They will also ensure that there are no breaches in the chimney that can cause house damage.

● Damaged mortar joint
If you see a damaged mortar joint between chimney masonry then you need to fix that soon. Deteriorated mortar can expose masonry to more moisture that further accelerates the deterioration of the entire chimney. This added moisture can freeze the cracks inside the chimney in the freezing areas.

● Spalling
Spalling mainly occurs to the outside of the chimney and it can be easily detected by professionals as we can see a bit of masonry around the chimney. If you want to prevent further crumbling or eventual destruction of the chimney then you need to replace the damaged masonry as soon as possible.

● Damaged crown
We all know that the crown is an important part of a chimney structure and it needs to spot the damage to the chimney crown. When the crown is cracked, moisture can easily seep in and can create large cracks.


To repair your chimney or get rid of the above problems you can always reach home cleaning services Houston at any time.