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We never think of upholstery cleaning as many of us still don’t know the term or what it is. So, upholstery is something like fabric or padding that can cover sofas,armchairs, stools etc. And we daily need to come in contact with the home’s upholstery.

How to clean upholstery?

Now the question is how to clean upholstery. This is a process of cleaning the fabric or padding that upholsters your furniture. The process is difficult to do by own as the fabric of upholstery is very delicate. That’s why it needs special equipment and expertise. Home cleaning services Houston have professionals in this field.

● Professionals will pre inspect the damage and will take down notes before jumping into the process. They will take time to determine the type of the fabric, intensity of stains,color fadness etc.
● Then they will sanitize your upholstery if needed to get rid of bacteria and germs. Expert deodorising can be used if your upholstery is at risk.
● There are various types of cleaning available in carpet cleaning services Houston to get better results. They will suggest you the accurate service.
● If you have a rigid spot caused by food spills, oil induced stains we offer spot cleaning service. We used mild chemicals to blot out the stains from the cover.
● Over time, the layer of upholstery has eroded and we need to protect the furniture from vulnerability. At this point our experts can take care of your furniture with the help of an upholstery protector. This protector is specially made for this purpose only.
● Now the last part is grooming and brushing and our experts will spare no effort in doing this. Drying the upholstery is quite time consuming and it can vary 2 to 6 hours depending on the cleaning method.

How frequently should you clean your upholstery?

This answer depends on various things. If you have kids or pets, you must clean the upholstery of your main living area twice per year. If you have not then you can clean once a year with furniture cleaning services Houston.