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Carpets are rugs that are usually spread in the middle of a room to make a room beautiful. The designs and rich colors of a carpet make them highly attractive but have you ever wondered that the same carpet can make a room look ugly and unkempt if it is not cleaned on time. Nothing can be worse than a dirty carpet lying on the floor.

A lot of people are wondering how often should a carpet be cleaned but before we tell you that let us first throw some light on how to clean a carpet.

How to clean a carpet?

The method of a cleaning depends on a lot of external factors like weather, type of carpet, cleaning instructions etc. Carpets are usually weighty and most carpets come with specific cleaning instructions that need to be clearly adhered to.

  • Not all carpets can machine washed. Some are clearly mentioned to be hand washed.
  • Since most carpets are heavy and delicate in nature it is preferred they should not be washed during rainy seasons and even if you wash them you should not be drying them in direct sunlight.
  • Some carpets are for regular use and can be machine washed but we recommend not to wash carpets like regular clothes.
  • If you are not aware of how to clean a carpet you can rely on the instructions provided with the carpet or consult professional carpet cleaning services in Houston.

How often should you clean your carpet?

  • As stated above there are various types of carpets available in the market some come with a heavy soil other come with light or medium soils. Depending on the soil the cleaning depends.
  • If you have a carpet that has a light soil you can clean it once a week.
  • Carpets that have a medium soil should be cleaned at least twice a week
  • Carpets that have a heavy soil can be cleaned thrice or four times in a week.


Therefore, we can say that if you wish to clean a carpet you can clean the carpet referring the instructions provided with the carpet or based on the soil of the carpet. The heavier the carpet soil the more often it should be cleaned. You can call for professional services that offer Carpet Deep Cleaning in Houston to help you clean the carpet.