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Rugs are beautiful and they give a character to your bland floors. But rugs have their limitations. Because of the material they catch dirt very easily. If the rugs are not cleaned in time they catch stains and the stains remain for as many days you will use the rug, if you try to hard wash a rug it can tear easily. Owing to these limitations professional home cleaning services in Houston have defined a specific cleaning process that is universally followed for all kinds of rugs and carpets.

Process to clean rugs

Vacuuming- Vacuuming is a process where the rugs or carpets are cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The surface of the rugs accumulates dirt that can be sucked out every week or once or twice a week with the help of a vacuum cleaner.  How often would you be vacuuming your rugs depends on the soil. The heavier the soil the more often you need to clean your rugs.

Spot Cleaning– Whether you have heavy rugs at home or prefer using rugs with a light soil spot cleaning is necessary for every carpet if you don’t want a stained carpet lying in your room. Spot cleaning is easy. You can use a wet cloth to gently remove the stain from the rug as soon as you see something dropping on your carpet. The trick is not letting the stain dry on the surface of your carpet. The sooner you do spot cleaning the bigger are the chances that the carpet or rugs will remain spotless.

Deep Cleaning

Even if we are regularly vacuuming our carpets we still need to deep clean our carpets once in a while even though the carpet looks apparently clean and there are no stains on the surface of the carpet. For carpets with light soils you can prefer deep cleaning the carpet once a year or once every 18 months depending on your availability. We recommend calling professional Rug Cleaning Services Houston if you wish to get your carpets deep cleaned. Similarly, if the carpets have medium or heavy soils they need to be sent in for deep cleaning more often. You can call in a professional service once in every three months or once in every six months to ensure the carpets remain spotless.