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Who doesn’t like keeping upholsteries in the hall of your house? But have you ever wondered why do we always opt for deep colors when it comes to buying upholstery for the house even when we strongly feel that lighter shades would be more appealing?

The answer is quite simple deeper shades don’t reflect the dirt accumulated on the surface of the upholstery where as in lighter shades the dirt and dust are visible.

Upholsteries are available in different materials. More or less every upholstery comes with cleaning guidelines. If you do not find any specific instructions as to how to clean the upholstery you can watch out for the codes that denotes how the upholstery needs to be cleaned instead of relying on the shopkeeper.

Codes for upholstery cleaning

Code W- This code denotes that the particular fabric attached to the upholstery can be washed using water soluble solvents. Generally, if you can remove the fabric from the upholstery you can wash it in lukewarm water gently and then dry it under indirect sunlight instead of using a dryer or exposing it to the sun directly.

Code S– Code S denotes that the fabric should be cleaned using a water free solvent to remove stains from the soil of the upholstery.  These solvents are basically chemical solvents that do not contain water therefore it is advised to use these solvents in a room that is properly ventilated and the upholstery is away from open flame.

Code W-S

When you see code W-S on the upholstery you should know that it denotes that the particular upholstery cleaning can be done using either water based or dry solutions.

Code X

This code specifically denotes that no kind of solution should be used to clean the upholstery. You can either use vacuuming to clean the upholstery or call experts for upholstery cleaning when you wish to get them cleaned.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, it can be said that whenever you are confused as to how to go about upholstery cleaning you can either refer to the codes or else seek professional experts who clean upholsteries instead of relying on the seller of the upholstery.