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Homeowners who invest in air duct cleaning in Houston generally notice the results right away. Hiring a professional to clean your air ducts can eliminate the contaminants in your air ducts that affect the air quality in your home, especially in older homes or homes that have been lived in for a while. Air duct cleaning can be just as effective as rug cleaning in removing allergens from your home, making the air quality better for any allergy sufferers in your family! Continue reading to learn more about when it may be necessary to have your air ducts cleaned.

When Mold is Present 
Mold is a common occurrence in many homes, and can usually be found in air ducts. If you suspect your home may have mold, it is a good idea to contact an air duct specialist to learn about mold removal options. Signs of mold include smelling an odor, seeing mold, or noticing heath symptoms of mold. Many people who experience health symptoms of mold display signs of an allergic reaction, such as watery eyes, coughing, and congestion.

When There Are Increased Allergens 
In addition to mold, other allergens, such as dust and other debris, can accumulate in your air ducts. If you notice that particles are blowing out of the air vents, this is a sign that there is a build up of dust in the air ducts. You may notice a poof of debris come out of the vent as the air blows. At this point, it is definitely a good time to hire air duct cleaning professionals to come to your home.

When a Pest Infestation Occurs 
If you experience an infestation of vermin in your home, the pests and rodents can make their way into air vents and wreak havoc on your air ducts. A pest infestation can affect the air quality in your home. Once the infestation is under control, you will need to have your air ducts cleaned to remove any lingering pests.