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If you have noticed that your home seems to have more dirt and dust in it than usual, you could benefit greatly from having air duct cleaning done. An air duct cleaning company can clean your ducts for you and improve your indoor air quality right away. However, if you have certain types of ductwork or you have mold in your ducts, you might need to seekĀ air duct replacement near Houston. The answers to the questions below will help you decide whether you need air duct cleaning or air duct replacement done.

What Type of Air Ducts Do You Have?

One of the first things you should consider before you decide between air duct cleaning and air duct replacement is the type of air ducts you have in your home. Most homes have metal air ducts in them, which can be cleaned easily. So if you have metal ducts in your home, you should try cleaning them before replacing them. However, if you have ductwork made of fiber board or another material, cleaning your ducts might be difficult. It might make more sense to skip the air duct cleaning and have your ducts replaced instead.

How Extensive Is the Contamination in Your Air Ducts?

If your air ducts have little more than just dust in them, you should probably think about trying air duct cleaning. Dust is something that air duct cleaning companies are used to dealing with. The problem could be much worse than that, though. For example, if your ducts are filled with mold due to water damage, cleaning them could help, but you might have some mold spores left behind. Replacing air ducts affected by mold, especially those with extensive growth, is usually the best option.

Have You Had Multiple Companies Inspect Your Air Ducts?

Some companies will suggest air duct cleaning for dirty ductwork, while others will recommend air duct replacement. Before you make your final decision, get recommendations from several air duct cleaning companies. Multiple inspections of your ducts should let you know whether cleaning or replacing your ducts is the better choice.